Correct use method of PE film blowing machine

Correct use of PE film blowing machine

1. Check that the temperature self-control is in good condition, the heating appliances are in good condition, and pay attention to timely adjust the heating temperature of each point within the index range.

2. Check the traction speed and control the film thickness.

3. Observe and adjust the uniformity of the film thickness, and the folding diameter meets the standard.

4. Check the pressure of the air storage cylinder, it should not be too high, but there should be backup pressure.

5. Check and control the ratio of raw materials and mix them evenly.

6. Check whether there is any impurity in the raw material, especially use a magnet to check the iron incorporation in time.

7. Check the position of the gearbox and the lubricating oil of the air compressor cylinder.

8. Regularly check the temperature rise and mechanical transmission of each operating motor.