How to change the screen changer of the film blowing machine?

A double-column screen changer for film blowing machines uses a double column screen changer. This screen has a double flow channel design and both filters can work simultaneously. One screen can be used to replace the filter screen and the other screen will work. The material flow is uninterrupted and the process does not stop. It has the extraordinary advantages of high pressure resistance, high temperatures resistance and no pressure fluctuations during the screen changing process.

Normal operation will see both columns A and B of the double-column film blowing machine screen changers in the main body of screen changers to filter the melt. 1. Push the A-pillar out of the double-column-screen changer when the pressure alarm sounds. Remove the protective cover from the double-columnscreen changer and replace the filter at the A-pillar. Once the filter has been replaced, place the A column in the filling position. The A column will fill in the position and continue melting. The double-column screen changer's A column should be pulled back to its normal working position. Pull the double-column changer out of its place. Replace the filter screen on B-pillar. Once the filter screen has been replaced, move the B-pillar towards the filling and exhausting. Wait until the B-pillar fills. This is when there is continuous melt discharge. Pull the B-pillar back to its normal working position, and then close the guard.