What problems should be paid attention to in the plastic crusher machine production line

In the plastic crusher machine production line, operators should pay attention to the ground to prevent slipping and falling, pay attention to electric shock accidents, pay attention to the plastic dust generated during the operation of the plastic parts crushed by the plastic crusher machine, and pay attention to wearing dust masks. Some problems that may be often encountered in the operation of the plastic crusher pipeline production line.

Operation-related personnel and maintenance-related personnel cannot enter the production line wearing sandals and slippers. If there is any equipment problem, please notify the equipment service personnel immediately. If you find oil stains on the road, you should clean it up immediately to prevent falls and injuries.

Do not stand in the operating area of mechanical equipment to prevent collision with pipelines. When cleaning the plastic crusher machine, be sure to wear gloves to cut off the switching power circuit.

Do not connect equipment to electrical wires without authorization. Generally, simple connections are made by mechanical equipment repairs, and difficult routes are made by welders.

Pay attention to the plastic dust generated by the broken plastic parts when the plastic crusher is running, and wear a dust mask.