High Speed Three Side Seal Bag Making Machine

Brief Introduction
This machine is suitable for the production of two-layer or multi-layer three-side sealing composite film bags with BOPP, OPP, CPP, PE, nylon, aluminum foil and paper as the base material. It has the functions of zipper and self-supporting bag production. This equipment is easy to operate. The product is flat, beautiful in shape, high heat-sealing strength at the sealing edge, and fast bag making speed is an ideal packaging bag making equipment. Material: various composite films.

After Warranty Service:Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service
Machine Type:Bag Forming Machine
Bag Type:Zipper Bag
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Model Number:GSD-600SZL
Dimension(L*W*H):(About L*W)132000*2800mm
Weight:7500kgs, (About)7500kg
Warranty:1 Year
After-sales Service Provided:Online support, Video technical support, Free spare parts, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service
Key Selling Points:High-accuracy
Marketing Type:Ordinary Product
Machinery Test Report:Provided
Video outgoing-inspection:Provided
Warranty of core components:1 Year
Applied materials:Laminated film of all kinds
Control system:Numerical control system

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Machine Description:
♦Whole machine controlled by imported central PLC control system with man-machine interface. More stable performance, easy for operation and maintenance.Chinese and English interface language can be shifted easily. 
♦Constant auto-tension control for unwinding,LPC edge alignment,AC inverter constant speed auto material feeding. 
♦Imported 2~7pcs servo-motor material dragging control system. 
♦Main motor for up-down sealing and pressing equipped with inverter. 
♦PID for sealing bar temperature adjustment,no touch auto control,centralized setting in man-machine interface. 
♦Equipped with pneumatic multi-function auto punching device ,trim cutting and auto rewinding and static eliminator. 
♦Temperature adjustment range:0~300 °C 
♦Counter:quantity,batch accumulation,pre-set available. 
♦Operation Method:by length fixation control and /or by photocell tracking control. 
♦Punching device:working rhythm can pre-set as continuous,interval or stop,punching time can be pre-set. 
♦Material skip feeding:one to six times available. 
♦Batch conveying function avaiable ,the quantity of batch can be preset.

Brief Introduction:
Multifunction laminated bag making machine, it can manufacture 3 side sealing bag, 3 side sealing with zipper bag,single film insert stand up bag and third film insert stand up bag. Easy to operate, fast to change different type bag makingdevice.

Main technical parameters
Film Laminated film of all kinds
Roll size Body material/Maximum width:1200mm,Maximum diameter:600mm,3-inch paper core.
Bottom material/maximum width:150mm,Maximum diameter:600mm,
Maximum weight:35Kgf,3-inch paper core.
Zipper material/Maximum width:250mm,Maximum diameter:600mm,2-inch paper core.
Roll film 
unwinding unit
Body material:Horizontal air shaft,V-plate system and Triangle system,Definitive tension control system with power brake equipment.
Bottom material:Horizontal air shaft,Triangular system,Definitive tension control system with power brake equipment.
Zipper material:Horizontal shaft,friction tension control.
Control system Numerical control system
Film feed mechanism Numerical control system
Heat sealers vertical movement mechanism Sinale AC asynchronous motor drive system
Sealing width Cross seal width::60mm max.,Longitudinal sealing width:50mm max wide heat sealer required for sealing widths exceeded 50mm(60mm max),Bottom gusset sealing width;70mm max
Pouch making capacity Pouch making sizes,Sealing temperature,Pouch making speed,others
Pouch making capacity Number cycles and film speed are calculated separately and are not related,Three-side-seal pouch making:Maximum cycles:140 CPM,Maximum film speed:36m/min,Standing pouch making:Maximum cycles:80 CPM,maximum film speed:25m/min,Zipper and standing pouch making:Maximum cycles:70 CPM,Maximum film speed:21m/min
Power required Feed AC servo motor  1×1.0kw+2×1.5kw=4.0kw                Longitudinal heat sealer 3×2.0kw×2=12.0kw
Heatsealer AC asynchronousmotor  1×3.7kw=3.7kw        Bottom heat sealer 2×2.5kw×2=10.0kw
Roll film unwinding motor 1×0.4kw=0.4kw                          Zipper point heat sealer 2×2.0kw×2=8.0kw
Standing pouch unending motor  2×0.09kw=0.18kw         Cross heat sealer 3×2.0kw×2=12.0kw
Zipper heat sealer 2×1.5kw×2=6.0kw                                   
Other 2.5kw
Total   58.8kw
Area for inatallation(L*W) (About) 132000*2800mm
Weight (About) 7500kg
Optional equipment One-servo for heat-sealer vertical drive,PLC control system,punch equipment(various),Alarm equipment(various).
Notice Pouch making capacity depends on film material and thickness.
Duo to equipment improvement,the abovementioned figures and appearance may be changed without notice.
The optional mentioned above are sold separately and not included as standard equipment.
Options addition to those mentioned above can be designed and manufactured to suit customer needs.