PP Film Blowing Machine

Water cooling plastic LDPE LLDPE PP bag blowing film machine

  The PP Film Extruder Machine made of special steel, high precision die head,(optional reversing die head)automatic precise temperature controller, contact-free solid-state relay and other famous national brand electronic parts.
The machine applies speed adjustment of frequency conversing to stabilize the running and increase the productivity with low energy and good reliability With Torque motor, the tension of the winder works evenly so as to produce flat films with good appearance.The machine is applicable for the raw material of PP to constantly blow films with varees specifications.The machine barrel and screw rod of the machine are made of high quality alloy steel. Has the best hardness and corrosion resistance.The extruder can be up to 3 meters, blowing type according to the process requirement bottom blowing method. The coiling device adopts torque motor, which can keep the proper tension, and the winding is tidy.

Quick Details
Plastic Processed:PP, HDPE/PP, LDPE, PE/PP, Lldpe, MLLDPE
Output (kg/h):40 - 70
Screw diameter (mm):55
Number of Layers:one-layer
Film Thickness (mm):0.01 - 0.1
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Die Size(mm):180 - 350 mm
Model Number:XH-F55
Warranty:1 Year
Film width:100-500mm
Film thickness:0.01-0.1mm
Screw material:Sacm-645/38 crmoala
Cylinder material:Sacm-645/38 crmoala
Winding type:Centre rewinder
Winding motor:1.5kw
Winding speed:5-60m/min

(Optional equipments should extra cost)
1、Rotary die
2、Air compressor
3、High speed net change
4、Air shaft
5、Double rewinder
6、Auto test weight of film
7、Auto test width of film
8、Cast aluminium heater
9、Corona treater

Main technical parameters:
Model XH-F55 XH-F60 XH-F70 XH-F75
Screw diameter 55 60 70 75
Cylinder cooling 120W*2 120W*2 120W*2 120W*2
Die size 180MM 200MM 250MM 350MM
Cylinder material Sacm-645/38 crmoala
Temperature control 1 zone 2 zone
Air ring 620mm 620mm 780mm 780mm
Air blower 1.5kw 2.2kw 3kw 3kw
Roller width 600mm 700mm 900mm 1100mm
Traction motor 1.5kw 1.5kw 1.5kw 1.5kw
Machine size 4.5*2.0*3.8*m 4.8*2.5*4.3*m 5.0*2.8*4.5*m 5.5*3.0*4.8*m
Machine weight 2.5T 2.8T 3.5T 4.5T