Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Online

Product Overview:
The machine is suitable for making square bottom bags, which is widely used in shopping, food industry and so on. Having absorbed the advanced technology both at home and abroad, we successfully developed the square bottom type of paper bag making machine with roll paper or printed roll paper .
This machine features a continuous function of automatic paper suction, gluing,creasing,bottom sticking and bag formation at a stroke.The machine has automatic force controlling machine and the function of color marking tracking. All the operation procedures are controlled by PLC,saving labor force.


  • Adjustable roll to square bottom bag making machine

  • Introduce In-touch screen human-machine interface, easy for correction and fine adjustment. Alarm and working status can be displayed in screen on-line, easy for operation and maintenance.

  • Equipped with PLC for centralized control system and SICK photocell for correction, tracking the printed material accurately, minimize the adjustment and preset time, increase the production efficiency.

  • Human oriented security protection, whole housing design, ensure the safety of operator.

  • Physiosis roller hydraulic material loading system with chuck, hydraulic up/down system .

  • Automatic constant tension control for unwinding, EPC web guider system, motor for material feeding with inverter, minimize the adjustment time for web alignment.

  • High speed oriented design ensure successful of production: within the suitable paper range, production capacity can reach 150~180pcs/min, even higher, which increases the unit production capacity and gets higher profit.

  • Original SCHNEIDER electric system, ensure better stability and reliability; perfect after sale service, trouble free for customer.

     * Speed will be variable due to different glue quality and operator’s skill.

     * Bag Dimension, Adhesive Quality, Operator Knowledge, Moisture, Type and Basis weight of Paper Can affect Machine Speeds.