Thin Film Lamination Machine | Plastic Film Lamination Machine

Thin Film Lamination Machine | Plastic Film Lamination Machine

Classification of lamination machine: lamination machine can be divided into two categories: instant-coating lamination machine and pre-coating lamination machine. Instant-coating lamination machine includes three parts: gluing, drying and hot pressing. It has a wide range of applications and high processing performance. Stable and reliable, it is widely used laminating equipment.
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How does the lamination machine work?

The lamination machine is a paintless forming machine, it uses vacuum suction, high and low pressure impact to process the PVC film into the desired shape, the lamination machine heats the thermoplastic sheets such as PVC, pet transfer, PE, PE agent and so on through the mold Softening, forming various shapes of softening and absorption, so as to achieve the purpose of beautification and decoration, and enhance the effect of the product.

How does the lamination machine work?

What is the structure of the lamination machine?

The lamination machine is a special equipment for compounding the printed matter with the pre-coated plastic. The lamination machine consists of four main parts: unwinding of pre-coated plastic film, automatic input of printed matter, compounding in hot-pressing zone, and automatic rewinding, as well as auxiliary devices such as mechanical transmission, pre-coated plastic film flattening, vertical and horizontal slitting, and computer control system. composition.

What is the structure of the lamination machine?

Lamination Machine | Laminating Machine | Ready-to-coat

Lamination Machine | Laminating Machine | Ready-to-coat application range and detailed description

Scope of application:
It is suitable for lamination (lamination) of color printing, packaging paper, soft sheet, soft rubber board, etc., to make the surface bright, bright in color and waterproof.

Detailed Description:
1. The base, wall panels, etc. are constructed of cast iron, which will never deform, ensuring that its accuracy will not be affected during use and maintenance and replacement of parts.
2. Glue rollers and limited rubber rollers are precision-made, and the concentricity error of the roller surface is controlled within 0.01mm to ensure uniform glue application and save glue consumption.
3. The heat-composite steel roller has a fine mirror surface treatment, and the finished product of the laminated film is excellent.
4. Electronic automatic constant temperature device.
5. The hydraulic system is uniquely designed, precise and stable.
Adding a roll paper feeding device is suitable for compounding roll materials.
Water-based and oil-based dual-purpose machines can be customized according to user requirements

Lamination Machine | Laminating Machine | Small Laminating Machine

Lamination Machine | Laminating Machine | Small Laminating Machine

The simple and practical professional laminating machine can also be used as a plastic sealing machine, a cold laminating machine, and PVC heat sealing. Strictly speaking, this type of laminating machine is also upgraded from an internal thermal plastic sealing machine. The fundamental problem of the first type of laminator is solved. Due to the use of inner heating rubber rollers to press the film and feed the film up and down, the heating time of the pre-coating film is increased and the heating is balanced, so the coated film is smooth and bright, which is the same as the film produced by a high-end laminating machine. It is suitable for business card lamination, recipe lamination, photo lamination and graphic print lamination, especially some small printing factories, typing and copying shops, business card production agencies and photo studios. In order to reduce equipment investment and cost, this kind of lamination is selected There are more machines.

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